St Petersburg Best Iced Frappuccino

Looking for the St Petersburg best iced Frappuccino? You don’t have to rely on one of the expensive coffee shop chains to get your delicious fix of caffeine — we have you covered here at iChills Cafe.


While many folks know us as the area’s premier ice cream parlor, we provide a menu that features many other great items, like iced coffee in North St Petersburg. You can pick from our selection of:


  • Ice coffee

  • Tea

  • Espresso

  • Cappuccino

  • Frappuccino


If you’re looking for the best iced Frappuccino in North St Petersburg, we invite you to check out our spin on this favorite blended coffee beverage. We use quality ingredients to create a beverage that is refreshing while also delivering that caffeine punch you need for a little boost of energy.



Need something for the kids? We have the St Petersburg best milkshakes, too!


Our St Petersburg iced coffee is a great option for adults, but here at iChills Cafe, we welcome in the whole family. 


There is always something for the kids to enjoy, from our wide selection of ice cream and hand-made waffle cones to the best milkshakes in North St Petersburg.



Stop in and try the St Petersburg best iced Frappuccino, and other coffee beverages


Here at iChills Cafe, we organized a menu that not only has something for everyone, but is also affordable and comprised of quality products and ingredients. We’re passionate about the food and drinks that we make and we’re confident you will taste the difference.


From our iced coffee in North St Petersburg, to our menu of hand-rolled pies with fresh chicken and delicious baklava, a sweet Greek pastry, iChills is a great destination for lunch, brunch or just a tasty snack.


Bring some energy to your day with the St Petersburg best iced Frappuccino here at iChills Cafe. We look forward to serving you.



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12pm- 10pm


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